Super Clean Hakosuka GT-R!

Gotta love a hard-top box Skyline! A gnarly ITB’d RB25 setup doesn’t hurt either. With a boxy looking shape the DPGC10 Skyline was nicknamed ‘Hakosuka’, Japanese for ‘Box Skyline’. This is the first GT-R and is the car every old schooler, here and in Japan, wants.

In 1957, the first Skyline was introduced by the manufacturer Prince. Prince went on to make a second generation and start on a third but before finishing the third generation, the company was purchased by Nissan Motor Company. Much like how Nissan bought Datsun (Datson at the time) decades before. The Nissan badged Skyline was first released in 1968 with the G15 SOHC 1.5L 4-cylinder engine. Now under the Nissan name, the Skyline would soon become an icon for Nissan’s racing heritage. In 1970 a GT-X version was released powered by the L20 SOHC 2.0L 6-cylinder engine. Pushing the Skyline further. Nissan released another version with the S20 DOHC 2.0L 6-cylinder rated at 160hp. This version of the Skyline was the first to bare the GT-R emblem, the rest is history.
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Photos: Sean Klingelhoefer

1971 Nissan Skyline

Engine: R33 Skyline RB25 engine; GReddy timing belt, air separator tank and radiator cap; custom engine brackets using RB26DETT mounts; ported head; R32 GT-R valve springs; custom 7-quart aluminum oil pan; polished R32 GT-R RB26DETT individual throttle-bodies; modified and polished R33 GT-R RB25DE intake manifold; custom throttle linkage; modified fuel lines and AN fittings; SX fuel regulator; JDM stainless header; custom-built exhaust piping; Tanabe muffler; Optima battery; custom cross flow radiator; Samco radiator hoses; NISMO thermostat; MSD RPM Window Switch for cam control; Sapporo beer can overflow can; powdercoated valve cover, pulleys and velocity stacks; anodized cam gears; polished alternator and cam sensor.

Drivetrain: RB20DET 5-speed transmission; R200 LSD finned differential; custom driveshaft; 280SX axles; custom. transmission mount

Engine Management: Microtech LT-12S standalone ECU and dash display; custom-tucked harness.

Footwork & Chassis: KYB AGX struts; Eibach front springs; Skyline sway bars; Grand Slam rear springs and endlinks; Victory 50 strut tower bar and complete bushing set; Cusco camber plates; bumpsteer spacer.

Wheels & Tires: Watanabe R Type rims 15×8.5″ -6(front), 15×10.5″ -25 (rear); Dunlop 205/50R15 (front), 225/50R15 (rear); Watanabe lug nuts.

Exterior: Factory Skyline silver paint; front and rear flares; NISMO front and rear spoiler.

Interior: Cobra bucket seat; Nardi steering wheel.

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