Underground Hero – Love To Hate Me

Meet A Japanese Gangster And His Flashing Neon Lamborghini What does a slick-suited, tousle-haired, big-spending associate of Japan’s infamous Yakuza drive? Apparently, as the saying goes, anything he wants.P Meet […]

Rat Rod Jeep

David Freiburger claims that this road trip on this episode of Roadkill is the most stupid thing that he and Mike Finnegan have ever done. Freiburger wanted to do a […]

Blitz Customs x Edwin Denim Co

Spring / Summer 2013 sees Edwin Europe collaborate with Parisian Motorcycle Collective ‘Blitz’ to create a collusion of minds and aesthetics as a continuation and manifestation of a pre-existing camaraderie. […]

Get Nuts Lab – Annual Blow Out

Snoop dog as the music for a Drift video and actually pull it off? Superb video and nicely done!! Check it! via Get Nuts Lab – Annual Blow Out on Vimeo.

Megafactories: Lexus LFA Works

National Geographic Megafactories documents the production of the Lexus LFA at the Motomachi plant in Japan. Full video.

Yamaha SR500 by Motohanger

Every now and then, a bike comes along that captures the state of the neo-custom scene right at this moment in time. This is one of those bikes, from the […]

Smoke & Fire Rings!

Now if someone could develop a product you could install on your vehicle that’ll do this, you’ll make a million bucks easily!   via – SST Engine Explosion (YouTube)

Elmo Orders Taco Bell

Elmo’s voice is hard to imitate, but this guy makes it look easy. It’s a shame we barely see him. Here’s a soundboard of the order, in case you want to hear […]

Motor Music Medley

The sound of a motor revving has always been music to our ears, but a driver in Japan shows just how musical a motor can be. What better way is […]

Russian Cow Tipping!

Just to show you that the Russian Dash cam juggernaut never stops, this video of a truck full of cows flipping over in front of a recording dash cam happened […]

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